About Us

IG BERRIES— Antioxidant Superfruit

IG Berries, established in 2017— is a joint venture between IG International Pvt Ltd., Milos Foundation, and  Mountain Blue Orchards, Australia, a recognized global leader in Blueberry— to GROW, HARVEST & MARKET the best quality Blueberry fruit in India.

Our Farms are in Madhya Pradesh, India, and are spread over 50 hectares of land, out of which currently, 20 hectares are under cultivation.

A licensed variety of Blueberry genetics from Mountain Blue Orchards is grown under the supervision of an expert team from Australia.

We have picked our first harvest of around 400 tons in 2020.

We have strategically put our harvesting season between February and May, a period when there is no harvest of Blueberries, worldwide.

IG Blueberry is packed at its own state of the art packaging facility and is made available for the Indian market and for exports.

Production from our farms is projected to make us the fifth largest Blueberry producer in Asia, in the near future.


IG— Since 1970

Celebrating 50 Years

IG International is the largest Importer Distributor of Fresh Fruit in India for the last 50 years. Globally, we are one of the most trusted names in the Fresh Fruit Industry.

IG has built a robust distribution network for Fresh Fruit in India so that fruit growers from anywhere in the world and consumers in India can benefit from one joined-up marketplace.

Our Network of a large number of Wholesalers, Sub-distributors, and Retailers cover the depth and width of the Indian markets with presence in all major cities.

IG has THE LARGEST COLD-CHAIN LOGISTICS IN INDIA with the highest number of Cold Storages and the biggest fleet of Reefer Trucks so that the freshness, appearance, and taste of the fruit remains as appealing as when it was picked from the orchard where it was grown.

With the largest Digital Ecosystem in Imported Fresh Fruits. IG leverages its integrated delivery mechanism for last-mile online fulfillment. We offer the best value to our partners.